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A building permit is a legal document that gives you permission to start construction of a building project at an agreed upon location, within a set time frame, in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. It also gives lending institutions the assurance that the contractor is licensed, insured and has a legal right to build the project.

Applying for and obtaining a commercial building permit is required for several different kinds of projects, some examples are:

Construction or demolition of a building or structure.

Installations or alterations involving:
- the removal or addition of any wall, partition or portion thereof any structural component
- the repair or replacement of any required component of a fire- or smoke-rated assembly
- the alteration of any required means of egress system

For change of occupancy, application for a permit shall be made when a new certificate of occupancy is required.

Movement of a lot line that increases the hazard to or decreases the level of safety of an existing building or structure in comparison to the building code under which such building or structure was constructed.

Removal or disturbing of any asbestos containing materials during the construction or demolition of a building or structure, including additions.

If you need help with obtaining permits, Black Diamond Construction can help reduce the hassle.  Our professionals know the exact methods necessary to acquire the correct permits and the rules and regulations and conduct required to quickly and efficiently navigate the process for you.

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