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Building a balcony for your Henderson house is a great way to add both style and lass to your home. Balconies can give you a completely different perspective of the area where you live. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind when building a balcony. The following information will help you understand how building your balcony is a simple project.

The first thing that we do is design the balcony using the desired materials and the desired dimensions. The best type of wood to use for any project that involves the outdoors is wood that has been pressure treated as it is capable of standing up against the elements and insects better than other types of lumber.

Now that we know what your basic plan is, we do a material count and then purchase the necessary materials. Your materials may differ depending on the exact plans for your balcony design and construction.
We begin by cutting your ledger and floor joists to the desired measurements depending on what your individual plan is for the construction of your custom balcony. We nail these pieces into place and make sure to use lag bolts to secure the ledger into place. Our specialists make sure to use proper sized lag bolts at a minimum for the best possible results. Then we make sure of joist hangers in order to secure the floor joist in its place.

Next we install your sub floor which can be made from plywood. We make sure that the sub floor is both glued and properly screwed into place for it to be sturdy and secure. We fix the corner support posts, securing the hand rail into place once the sub floor has been properly connected to the rest of the balcony skeleton.

Next, we build and install the hand rails, as the corner support posts will already be installed and in place for the hand rails to be secured.

After the hand rails, we establish the floor of the balcony using the desired materials and put the finishing touches on your balcony, including staining, sealing or painting the hand rails and the rest of the balcony so that it matches your home properly.

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